Introduction: Exploring Nature, Creating and Decorating Fabulous Cakes!

Exploring Nature, creating fabulous cakes with focus of your choosing, for example:

color, composition, texture, expressing aestethic qualities, learning about nature (plant origin, plant use or plant name)

Summer offers fantastic material in all colors of the rainbow! In this activity, children are encouraged to make sand pies, sand ice-creams and sand pie extraordinary decorations from natural material; flowers, seeds, leaves. Whilst doing this, the educator can choose what to emphasize.


Location is important! The perfect site for this activity is a summer meadow, or a place where lots of different flowers bloom. Preferbly close to a beach which supplies water and unlimited of sand.

What you need

-A great number of bowls/ containers to collect different material in

-Small bowls to make sand pies.





-Some knowledge about plants, names, uses etc. If you don't know, do some research on internet!


all ages

Time requirements

No need for preparation.

Step 1: Gathering Material!

Start by picking flowers, leaves, petals and such, and sort them in different containers. Let the participators decide what to pick, and give them suggestions if they need more ideas. Bunker up to have lots of different material for later. If you want, now is a good time to mark the containers with plant names.

Step 2: Creating Fantastic and Imaginative Sand Pies!

When the material is set, organize it nicely.

Have the participants make sand cakes, sand cake decorations or decorated sand ice-creams. You can now assign different themes, like colors or styles or imaginative tastes.

While creating and exploring the different materials,

you can talk about:

-nuances of color

-shape/ style

-the plants real names

-plant use


The activity gives numerous of possible learning outcomes!

When finished, let natural material go back to nature.

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