Introduction: Exponents in Batch

Hello! I'm new to instructables, and I wanted to share a small bit of code that allows you to solve for exponents in batch.

Step 1:

@echo off

echo Positive Exponents

set /p num=

set /p power=

set /a "x=1"

set /a "ans=num"

if %num% EQU 0 goto :end

if %power% EQU 0 goto :end


set /a "ans=ans*num"

if %power% GTR 1 set /a "x=x+1"

if %x%==%power% goto :end

if %ans% LEQ 0 goto :end

goto :process



if %ans% GTR 0 echo %num% ^^ %power% = %ans%

if %ans% LEQ 0 echo Error



That's it! If you can make use of this, feel free to change it as much as you like.
See you later!