Extend USB Mouse Cable

Introduction: Extend USB Mouse Cable

Although there are wireless solutions available if mouse is required at a little distance from main computer, sometimes these may not work. Recently I have installed a DVR with USB mouse support and wanted a cost efficient solution using old broken phone charging USB cables. (pictures show completed project)

Step 1: Parts Requried

USB Type A port

5 hole by 7 hole veroboard piece

Broken USB phone charger cable (USB Type A to USB micro B)

Wire cutter

Soldering iron and solder

Some foam and tape

Step 2: Making the Cable

Cut broken end, strip wires and tin them. Place USB port on piece of board so that it is supported with the piece of veroboard. Wiring can be looked up from the internet.Solder port and wires so as to make a straight USB Type A male to female cable. I place pieces of foam on top and bottom and wrapped it with tape to secure it from dust etc.

I have made two of these and USB mouse works even when connected at the end of second cable (about 4 meters in total).

I hope you like it.

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    5 years ago

    I'd suggest a bit of heat shrink tubing to sleeve the finished product, neater and longer lasting than tape. Also, you'd need to make sure that your broken cable wasn't damaged along it's length or at the male usb end that is kept, otherwise the whole thing would be unreliable if it works at all.