Precision Xbox 360 Thumb-sticks (or Any Console)

Introduction: Precision Xbox 360 Thumb-sticks (or Any Console)

I had seen an article on about a 3rd party peripheral that extended the thumb-sticks of either an Xbox 360, or PS3 controller. I took a look at them and thought, why not make my own? So thats exactly what I did. Unfortunately I did not take pictures of construction, so bear with my drawings. I will try to make another Instructable soon possibly using epoxy or som other method (Feedback?).  This is my first Instructable so please bear with me.

Here is the site that sells the product

torx t-8 screwdriver
hot glue or epoxy
nails of desired length (explained)
spare thumb-stick 
marker or pen that is the same diameter as the shaft of your thumbstick

Contest-I turned a marker cap into precision analog stick for fps games. 

Step 1: Cut Apart Thumb-stick

I am going to assume you are are able to take apart the controller, so i will skip that step. If not, there are numerous videos on youtube that would aid you much more than I. Anyways, once the desired thumb-stick is removed from the controller, cut off the part your thumb rest on as close to the top as you can. Try to make it as level as possible. See Picture.

Step 2: Score the Pieces

I scored the top of the shaft of the thumb-stick as well as the bottom of the part your tumb rest on. My hope was that this would help the hot glue bond to the plastic. 

Step 3: Glue It Together

I was lucky enough to find a marker cap that was almost, if not, exactly the same diameter as i needed. but anything relatively close should do. Place the cap (or similar object) on the shaft and fill it with glue. Make sure it gets in all the crevasses but NOT into the little hole that connects the thumb-stick to the controller. I stuck a little nail in the hole to keep the glue from getting in. Leave a little bit of space at the top of the cap for more glue. Wait for that to dry, then glue on the top piece, making sure everything is level. 

Step 4: Drive the Nails

Carefully drive the nails into the top of the thumb-stick. Again make sure to not interfere with the part that holds the thumb-stick to the controller.  I used 4 nails, however 2 was enough. It felt very firm with only 2. I just decided to go for 4. 

Step 5: Finish Up-conclusion

I covered the nail heads for comfort and that has seemed to do well. 
So far, I have actually felt like this has helped me a lot on FPS games. It allows you to crank up your sensitivity because of increased range of motion. Over all it was a success and if you already have all the parts, you save 10$! This method can be used for both the left and right sticks. However, I found I did not need precision walking so i just did the right stick. 

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Or you could just ajust the stick sensitivitly on the games you want/need this for and still have a perfectly good controller for when speed is needed.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Well I had a spare thumbstick just laying around and the controller i used was already opened so no harm has come to the controller or the original thumbstick. And yes you could just crank up the sensitivity. However, I've found that when your sensitivity is way up, you loose some of the fine adjustment you have with lower sensitivity. With a longer thumbstick your range of motion is larger, giving you both the fine adjustments as well as the quick adjustments you have with higher sensitivity. Its the best of both in my book. I also think its just more comfortable with longer sticks. All the things I've talked about can also be found on the KontrolFreak website I listed in step one.

    Shades of Grey

    Did you somehow reverse this picture or do you have an alternate (left handed?) controller? My colored buttons (XYAB) are on the right side of the controller as I hold it.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I noticed that earlier today. I used the webcam on my laptop to take that picture and for some reason it mirrored it. I do have a normal controller.