Extend the Life of Paying Cards (Life Hack)

Introduction: Extend the Life of Paying Cards (Life Hack)

Magicians can put a pack of playing cards through a lot of abuse. And there are many reasons why they might want to maximize the lifespan of these decks.

Sometimes, they use trick decks that are either expensive or time-consuming to make. But most often, they might just want to make a good impression on paying clients by always presenting a clean, crisp, new-looking deck for their performances.

Here is a fun life-hack that professional magicians will often use to protect their cards.

For this hack, you will need a new sealed deck of playing cards, and a roll of "invisible" adhesive tape.

Step 1: Remove the Cellophane Top

At the top of the pack, most playing cards will have a thin strip of plastic that's meant to break the seal when pulled. Pull on this strip carefully, making sure to leave a clean cut along the bottom portion of the cellophane.

Most people make the mistake of removing all of the plastic from around the box. Don't do this.

Instead, remove the top portion of the cellophane, but leave the bottom portion on the pack.

Step 2: Secure the Bottom Cellophane

By leaving the bottom portion of the cellophane, you will create a protective plastic shell around the card box. This shell will prevent wear and tear, while also protecting the cards from any liquids that might stain or harm the box/cards.

In order to prevent this protective layer from sliding off of the box, secure it on both sides with a small piece of adhesive tape.

Now your cards have a robust carrying case that will maximize your use and enjoyment.

Now you know how professional magicians protect their cards.

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