Extendible Camera Mount

Introduction: Extendible Camera Mount

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I needed a better way to mount a cam above my workbench, to film the various projects from now and then so you can watch them pleasantly! It should extend long enough to hit different spots and angles. So lets make one..

Out of:

-A piece of pallet timber

-A small piece of european beech ,hand milled (Used for the base to clamp tightly, its far harder and more durable to mechanical stress than pallet pine.)

-Four 6mm screws along with the wingnuts.

-Some wood screws,some wood glue.

-And an hour of your precious time. Tops!

Let's see the vid, and go make one...!

Now I just need a better camera and a new project...

Thanks a lot for watching,it really helps.

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More coming up..

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