Introduction: Extending Your Stick Lighter

A simple way to extend your stick lighter for various tricks and saftey measures

Because the extender is made of aluminum, after use, it cools down almost instantly.

Step 1: Obtain Materials

Obtain the 3 necessary things
-Stick lighter, butane if possible
-Aluminum foil or any kind of easily pliable metal that will not melt easily
-Fuel for the lighter, butane is readily available

Step 2: Tear Off a Piece of Foil

Tear off a piece of foil just a bit longer than the lighter

Step 3: Wrap Foil Around the End of the Lighter

Wrap foil around the end of the lighter loose enough for it to rotate freely, but tight enough not to fall off

Step 4: Twist & Roll

Twist the foil until it scrunches up. Then roll in order to flatten out. Repeat as many times as needed until the entire tube of foil comes just below the tip of the lighter. You may press down the foil in order to assist if you cannot twist anymore.


Squeeze and roll the foil around the lighter as if you were trying to make it as smooth as possible. This prevents Butane from escaping and causing a dangerous problem. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you get a tube that when taken off the lighter, will not crush under a little pressure (10 cds)

Step 6: Twist and Roll Again

Twist and roll for the final time. You are now finished with the extension part. The foil should be snug around the lighter, but still able to move it.

Step 7: Lighting

Slide the foil in as far as you can so the tip is exposed. Light the lighter as normal, then slowly push the foil outwards until you get the desired length.

For a neat trick, while it is still lit, quickly slide the foil back.

Step 8: (optional) Tips--the Solid Kind

Using the same technique, you can make things such as:

Mobile Gas Hose
-Hot glue 10 straws together
-Foil and glue the extender and straws together
-create a second extender and hot-glue to the other end of the straws
-Light with an external grill lighter

::I have yet to find a use for these, Either I didn't make them long enough, or they weren't made well
-Cone / \
--Tin foil straight on to the extender and light with the stove
-Screen \`````/ *not tested*
--In theory, attaching a small screen to the end of the extender will spread the gas to give a small flame, capable of melting something. Also lit with a stove

I hope you pyros have fun! I know I did!