Introduction: Extension Hand and Wooden Clamp From a Hanger

This project started from the need of an extension hand for my band saw. I dint want to have my hands too close to the blade so i needed something to support the work. During the creation of the hand, i realized the versatility of the wooden hanger. So, the creation begun :)

Step 1: How It All Begun

This is the hanger i begun with. It is for children's clothes, it is very sturdy, well built, balanced with two straight edges on the bottom.

Step 2: Split

Some hand force and the hanger can be easily split in two.

Step 3: Cut

Mark the upper corner and use a saw to remove the corner bit.

Step 4: How to Use the Hands

There you have it. Two extension hands for either a band saw, a miter saw, a table saw, and generally anywhere you want to have your hands away from the work.

Then i realized i could do more...

Step 5: Center Line

Find the center line and mark two spots on the bottom of both hands.Just make sure the spots are equally distanced.

Step 6: Drill

I used a 5mm (sorry imperial guys :) ) thread rod split in half, four nuts and two wing nuts. So drill your holes using 5,5mm drill bit. Care must be taken so the holes are square to the face of the hands.

Drill one hand both holes through. On the other hand, drill the far hole through and the near just 5mm deep.

Step 7: Insert the Two Nuts

Create a small 8mm groove for the nuts and insert them with a small mallet using some epoxy if you want.

The two nuts must be both inserted on the hand which has the two holes through. One nut should be on the top far end and the other on the bottom near end. In that way, the two nuts will act against each other.

Step 8: Assembly

Use two more nuts for securing the wing nuts on the ends of the rod and screw them against each other. Now the two wing nuts are secure and act as handles.

Step 9: How to Clamp 1

For clamping your work, first screw the far nut until it grabs the work.

Step 10: How to Clamp 2

Then, screw the near nut forcing the two hands to join on the far end, creating great clamping force.

Step 11: Dimensions

My clamp is 8cm deep and 8cm wide.

Step 12: Use Them

And i can use it for my drill press and the band saw.

Step 13: Next....

Next up is the big hanger..... :)

Thanks for reading my instructable and please vote for me :)


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