External Light Sensor Night Light.




Introduction: External Light Sensor Night Light.

I have this half watt LED night light with photocell. The problem is my bedroom has dark drapes so the led stays on all the time. I only sleep in my bedroom at night so I want to maximize the life of the LED. Here is how I externally mounted the photocell or light sensor.

Step 1:

Removing it's single screw, the case came apart and the sensor is accessible.

Step 2: Soldering an Extension Cable.

Using my soldering station, I removed the photocell and attached a 2 core cable to the circuit board. I soldered the photocell to the other end of the cable and applied liquid tape.

Step 3: Fitting It Back Together.

The extension chord I passed through the window where the photocell originally was. The sensor I secured to the burglar proofing at one of my bedroom windows.

Now the light only comes on when outside is dark.

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    Question 3 years ago

    How did you account for the increase in time it takes for the photons to trigger the light to turn on? What gauge wire did you use in the extension chord and was the chord in a major or minor key? Please provide more details as I'd like to make this project soon.