Introduction: External Xbox 360 Hard Drive (HDD)

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This instructable is on how to create your own external Xbox 360 hard drive.

This hard drive can be used to store: Music, videos, photos, a much more!

Step 1: Supplies

What you need for this instructable is:

1 Xbox 360
1 external hard drive
1 USB cable
1 Power cable ( if your external hard drive requires it)

To start off plug your hard drive into your mac. (USB cable, power cords)

Step 2: Formating

To format your hard drive for the 360:

Open the application "Disk Utility" (it's under the utilities tab in your applications folder. Picture 1)

With disk utility open, select your hard drive model; not the name you've given it, just the model...

Then, select the partition tab... Picture 2

Now, you should see a drop down menu labeled "Volume Scheme."

This menu is were you choose how many partitions you want on you hard drive.

My drive is pretty big so I chose three partitions..

Chose your desired size of your partition.

Then, in the drop down menu labeled "Format" select "MS-DOS (FAT)" for your 360's partition;
you can choose different formats for other partitions.

Hit Apply...

Step 3: Add Files

Now you can add almost any files to your hard drive!!

I chose to add some music & a few movies...

you can add what ever you want...!

Step 4: Xbox 360

Now it's time to play, use, hack, etc. all of the files on your hard drive...

First, plug up all of the necessary cables (USB, Power) to your 360.

Then, turn on your 360 and go to your "music library" press A (picture 3)

Now, select your source as "Portable Device."

Finally chose what files you want to play, use, hack, etc.