Introduction: Extracting a Laser From an Old Ps2

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I've seen some pretty cool laser projects and finally got around to finish butchering my ps2. Yes I said finish butchering meaning I can't break it down for you from step one. I had no guide either so it really wasn't that hard to get the disc tray out.

You'll need a screw driver, soldering pen, pocket knife/razor knife, some patience. It took me about an hour starting right at the disconnected part.

Step 1: Getting Started

Look at the pictures above, this is what it should look like front and back before you get to pulling this sucker apart. The first thing I did was take the screws in the back out. Then I flipped it back around and popped off the black 'SONY' cover with a razor knife. Just be careful not to jam it in there, there are things underneath. What's underneath kinda blew my mind. The laser was levitating in place via magnets. Pretty friggin cool if you ask me.
Also note the über thin copper wire. Just a hunch but you probably shouldn't break it.

Step 2:

The first picture is what the exposed front should look like. The chip on the back should be loose but still connected to the front part. You should see a little black piece on the back as well, use the razor to pop it off. The chip should be completely loose from the back now. Take this moment to completely examine everything you've uncovered.

Step 3:

Use that soldering pen to take the chip the rest of the way off. While it's still hot and ready, on the front there's two soldered spots that hold the platform and the laser lens together, de-solder those as well. Once that's done the laser should lift right out. Underneath is a lens. Don't be a dummy like me and tap it with the held solder pen to see if it's too brittle to worry about extracting.
It's plastic and it melts.

On the underside is a super clear piece of glass, I haven't figure out how to get it out. It's glued in pretty good and my solder pen can't melt through the glue all the way.

Step 4:

If you're looking at the piece of glass you should see a hole near it on the other side of the micro chip. This is where the laser diode is. Besides the flimsy chip, which I soldered off, the only thing holding it is a dab of glue which I cut through with my razor knife. Once that's removed you will hold in your hands a laser.
Of course I probably never would've known if not for the incredible MrE. Thank you again for correcting me and I hope everyone can look past this small fault of mine where I assume I know everything. Lol

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