Introduction: ExtrasBox#1

I had a some smaller Instructables that I wanted to publish, so I combined them into this little box of extras. Enjoy!

Step 1: Telescopic Pen- BIC Pen Hack

Telescopic Pen- BIC hack

I had to draw the instructions (again) but it should still be clear on how to make this. All you need is a BIC roundstic pen, and a good sized pen spring.
Start by taking apart the pen. Keep everything. Put the end cap back in. Before you put the spring in, take the writing tip of the cartridge and make sure it can bounce without collapsing into the spring. If so, then slide the ink into the tube (backwards), and put the other end of the pen over the end of the bottom of the ink cartridge. And you're done! Put your thumb down on the end, then pull away for a quick extended reach. Not recommended for somethings. Doesn't jump.
But it is easily disguised and makes a good trick to pull on you friends. (I'll add it in the comments another time) Enjoy!

Step 2: Multithing

Very original, I know.This is a fun little rig that you can launch, spin, and build upon. It's random, but holds many possibilities. I'll give you the base, then you create those possibilities.

1.) Have a piece of pen tube that a rubber band can fit through with room left. About half the size of a normal pen body.

2.) Stick a rubber band through the body, so that there is a loop at each end. Then, put a straightened paperclip through one of the loops and pull the other end tauht (tight), but not too tight.

3.) Pull the other end of the loop up and tape it to the body, wrap it twice around, through the loop.

There you have it! Your multithing. The possibilities are yours.

Twirl the paperclip, until it is to your liking. Hold the body and let go!

Spread out your pointer and index fingers (like a peace symbol), and put the bar facing outward. Pull back the body, and let go! It's full range can't be promised considering

Step 3: And...

A few notes to finish off:
Dental floss is good for really lightweight string. (not meant for holding extremely heavy things.)
I plan to release designs for a bola launncher. ( the thing that you throw and... ya know, I'll tell you later)
mechanical pencils help to create great pen bows( most of them at any rate)

AND if you want, (no prize) tell me in a comment post what YOU consider
an office supply and the loop hole that applies.(Why It can be considered an office supply.
(Ex: dental floss from a densist's office.)

And...yeah. Have a good day. (Mine's pretty bad. Hope yours is at least better than mine.)