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About: I make things because its fun and I like the challenge.

This is a boom box I made over the last couple of days. It is entirely portable, and weighs around 40 lbs so the only limitation is your arms. A 12v sealed lead acid battery powers the inbuilt 200W car amplifier. This intern drives two 6 1/2inch, 75W loudspeakers.

The AUX in travels down a retractable headphone cable or in technical terms a 3.5mm jack and 3 way cable into the interface panel. This panel has an IEC socket for 240V in, to charge the battery and to a power an Xbox power brick. This will be used to supply 12V to the car amplifier even when the battery is charging.

I have not mounted the charger and power supply yet, but will do soon as I have left the bits in my dorm at uni.

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