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After we finished renovating our home, there are a lot of excess wood/plywood left and I'm thinking of what should I do to it. After a lot of thinking and imagining, I decided to upgrade my desk, I thought it's time to change my small setup and replace it with a much larger one to extend my workstation.

The desk has an amazing features, like super cable management (literally no cables in sight), acrylic LED lighting (RGB), hidden compartments (shh), all the drawers has a false bottom (why not), and it gives you a massive work space.

Step 1: Plan and Design

My plan is to build a desk that can suit all my needs. You can modify the design if you like, adjust some measurements to fit for your room or office. My room is always messy because of the work I'm doing, so my solution is to add cabinets and large drawers to put some of my tools and other things so that it's not scattered all over the place.

The materials that I used for this project:

Wood/plywood, lots of them. I got mine from the excess materials from our home renovation project.

- I used 2pcs. 15mm thickness 4ft. x 8ft size Marine plywood for the main desk and for the cabinet body and 2pcs. 12mm thickness 4ft. x 8ft size plywoodfor the drawers and other parts.

* you can use any type of wood that you want as long as it is durable.

Wood screws

- I used 5cm wood screws that I bought from the local hardware.

Wood glue

Drawer Slides

- I used 27cm and 42cm long.

Wall putty or Wood filler

Primer and paint

- I chose black so i can pair it with my computer setup.

Sand paper

- I used 60-300 grit.


Acrylic sheet for the lights design - $25-30

- I used 3mm thickness 2ft. x 4ft size.


- I used some of my strips laying around, but you can buy it online for $10-50



• Safety first: Safety Goggles, Respirator/dust mask, gloves.

• Jigsaw Tool

• Measuring tools: Ruler, Tape measure, L-Type Ruler

• Handsaw

• Screw Driver or if you have a cordless drill/screw tool

• Drill, rotary tool

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting

The typical executive desk starts at 60 x 30 x 30 inches (W x D x H) (152 x 76 x 76cm).

A medium desk might measure 36 x 24 x 30 inches (W x D x H) (92 x 61 x 76cm)

There really isn't a standard size. That's a good thing because it means you can use different widths and depths and heights to meet your needs, while fitting in to the space you have available for your home office floor plan.


The Main Desk:

- I cut the 15mm thickness 4ft. x 8ft. size plywood in half so I will have a 2 pcs 2ft. width (24 inches) x 8ft length (96 inches) then I also cut the length from 96 inches to 78.2".

  • Top desk size: 78.2 inches x 24 inches

- The formation at the middle of the desk is done by measuring 15 inches from the right edge to middle and another 15 inches from the left edge to middle, then I used a protractor to measure an angle of 45 degrees vice-versa, after that connect the line and cut it.

  • Bottom desk size: 78.2 inches x 24 inches
  • For the Side wall:

- Right Front and Left Front corner: 2 inch x 15 inch size wood

- Middle Front: 2 inch x 41.7 inch size wood

- Right side and Left side corner: 2 inch x 24 inch size wood

- Back side: 78.2 inches

*sizes will be different according to the size/thickness of the wood.

- Then i sandwiched all the side walls to the Top and Bottom part. Apply some wood glue and put screws on it.

The Right Side Cabinet:

- It is just more like a box, the top and bottom part measures, 24 inches x 15 inches. The right and left side measures 25.5 inches x 24 inches. After cutting it, glue it together to form a box.

The Left Side Cabinet:

- It is much longer that the right side cabinet, this time we are forming a rectangular box, the top and bottom measures 64 inches x 15 inches, the right and left side panels measures 22.2 inches x 15 inches ( I made 4 pcs. of this for the middle part of the cabinet, see pictures), same procedure as the right side cabinet, glue them together and put screws to it.

Step 3: Making the Drawers

Using the 12mm Plywood, make the drawers for the Right and Left cabinet, it depends on your needs, you can fit more drawers to this design if you want.

After cutting all the parts, sand them with 60-100 grit sand paper or if you have tools like multi tool, electronic sander.

The second picture shows the hidden switch tray with a drawer slide, I'll put some geared motor at the end to make it linear actuated (and yes to make it cooler :D ). The 2 strips of wood on the side of the drawer will be the bracket of the false bottom for the drawer.

Step 4: Brackets, Holes, and Other Parts

- For the brackets, I cut 36 pieces of 5cm x 5cm 15mm thickness wood and drilled holes for the screws.

- The box under the desk on the left side cabinet is actually a drawer, i also put a geared motor for linear actuator to make it switch activated.

Cable Management Holes:

- Depends on where do you want to route your wires ( Monitor wires, PC/Laptop wires, keyboard and mouse wires etc. ). I drilled a hole in the middle for the keyboard and mouse wires, one in the far right side for the computer wires, and one at the back side of the desk for the monitor wires.

- I also drilled a hole at the back of the left side cabinet for the power bar/extension wires directly to the socket.

Step 5: (Optional) Acrylic RGB LED Lights

I cut the acrylic sheet using a jigsaw.

- The acrylic sheet will go in between the side walls of the desk.

- Sand the edge of the acrylic sheet to diffuse it.

- Cut the RGB strip, same as the size of the acrylic part.

- Solder wires to connect the 2 ends of the LED strip

Step 6: Sanding and Filling

- Remove all the drawer slides, screws, and other parts that will not be sanded.

- I sanded the whole desk and cabinets using 80-100 grit sand paper and after applying filler, I sanded it again with 150-300 grit.

Step 7: Priming and Painting

Step 8: Assembling!

After a month, I'm finally finished! Thank you for viewing my instructable and I hope you liked it!

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