Introduction: Extreme Speaker Backpack

In every movie or tv show, when ever there is some extreme awesome moment happening, there is always music. I mean you can have extreme without some intense music. So i thought what better way to make all your extreme dreams come true than to put speakers in your backpack so that no matter where you go with your extreme backpack, you can always be ready for an extreme moment waiting to happen.

Step 1: Materials

for this project you will need:
-a backpack
-cheap computer speakers with mini amp
-good quality speakers (depending on how many you want. i have 6 in the front and 2 on the straps)
-thick and thin wires
-wire strippers
-wire nuts
-a double ended male headphone cable
-wire fenceing
-wire cutters
-electrical tape
-sewing kit
-rechargable batteries
-rechargable battery replacement plugs
-small zipties
-and some pre-building knowledge

Step 2: Step 1

Your cheap computer speakers should be in two parts, one speaker with all the jacks in it, and one speaker with just a wire running from it out to the other speaker. in the speakers i had the amp was detachable so i took off the amp and took the two connecting wires from each speaker off. all you will need from this is the 2 connecting wires and the amp. then take the power adapter and cut the wire off giving a good 1 to 2 feet of cable.

Step 3: Step 2

take the thick wires, the cable end from the power adapter, the wire nuts, the rechargable battery replacement heads, the electrical tape, wire strippers, and the scissors and place them infront of you. look at the power cable you cut. it should be a double wire cord. one wire should be solid black while the other with white or colors on it. the solid black is negative and the wire with white or colored is positive. strip both wires. take the solid black stripped wire from the power cable and one of the black thick wires and twist a wire nut around them. then cover with electrical tape. do the same with the positive wire and a red thick wire. next take a rechargable battery replacement head and put a red wire in the square side and a black wire in the curved side. repeat this step for each battery you wish to connect. since we will be connecting these batteries in parallel and not in series the currecnt adds up not the voltage. in other words the more batteries you have the longer it will last playing, not the louder it gets. i put three batteries. so after makeing three of the previously explained, take all the red wires of the battery heads (in my case its 3) and align them with the red wire of the power cable. put a wire nut around it and electrical tape it.  do the same thing with the black wires.

Step 4: Step 3

take the fenceing and measure a perfect square around the speaker. its ok if its a little big, you just dont want it any smaller than the whole speaker and its caseing. after doing this you will ziptie the fenceing onto the speaker threw the screw holes. (ps. make sure your speakers fit where you want them too before you use them. its no use if you cant make them fit.) then take the small wires and begin to connect them to the speakers. most speakers have a + over the positive terminal and the terminals sould have holes in them to put a wire in and twist it. remeber red is positive and black is negative. (ps. be generous with the wire but not too generous. just measure how much you would need from the speaker hole to the connecting wire hole.) strip the ends. put the wire in the hole bring it out the other side, and use the pliers to twist it.

Step 5:

after doing this we will start placeing the speakers into their rightful places. find out where you will place your speakers on your backpack. take into consideration where there is the headphone hole in your back pack if it has one and where there is double layered mesh so the speakers arnt shown on the inside. also take into consideration where you will be keeping your amp. i keep mine in a pocket just under the main zipper. we will start with the straps. seperate the black outer binding that holds the strap together. imagine the speaker placement so that when you are wearing the backpack, the speaker will be right by your head. once you find a good spot, cut a "+" where the speaker is. the wires will be running up the strap to the top of the backpack. after placeing the speaker, cut off any extra material covering it and form it around the speaker. begin sewing the strap material with the fenceing on the speaker. this is how we will hold the speaker in place.

Step 6: Step 5

take the two connecting wires from the computer speakers you cut out and strip them. determin wich wire inside is positive or negative, (usually red is positive and black or copper (ground) is negative). since the speackers will be inbetween 2 layers of mesh the wires will be hidden. but we need to access the wires to connect them to the amp. so at the way bottom corners or the backpack, make a small hole on each side though one layer of material, careful not to go all the way thought the second layer. put the stripped side of the connecting wires in the whole leaveing the plug end in the backpack. (ps you will also need to feed the wires from the speakers in the straps through this hole.) once that is all done you need to sew a thing piece of material cloth all the way around so that the wires are held up and covered out of sight.

Step 7: Step 6

now you will need to put it in the other speakers. this is a long and boring proccess. for each one you will need to cut a "+" figure, insert the speaker, cut access material off, and sew the material onto the fenceing of the speaker. when you do this make sure to star with the speakers farthes away from the hole made by the connecting wire for the connecting wires need to connect with each speaker. (ps DONT SOW ON THE LAST SPEAKER BEFORE YOU CONNECT THE CONNECTING WIRES!!)

Step 8: Step 7

after placeing all the speakers but the ones by the connecting wire hole (two of them, one on each side) into the backpack, it comes time to connect all the wires. take all the red wires from the speaker that you connected before (the small wires where you twisted them with pliers) and connect it with the red of the connecting wire. put a wire nut around all the reds and electrical ttap them. do the same with the black wires. after this is done place the speaker in its whole and finish sowing the mesh onto the fenceing. repeat this step for the other side of the back pack.

Step 9: Step 8

now take the headphone cable (mine has a volume control but you dont need that) and place one side through the headphone hole in the back pack. it should come out right next to where you are putting your amp. ALMOST DONE! now just plug the rechargeble batteries in, plug the connecting wires and the headphone wires in to the amp, plug the power cable into the amp, and putthe amp, batteries and wires all in the pouch you which to conseal it in.

Step 10: Step 9

now its time to go out and have some fun! just turn on the amp, and play away! enjoy your new extreme life with your new extreme speaker backpack!
i had a video of the backpack playing but it wouldnt let me put it up. sorry guys.

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