Introduction: Extremely Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich With Option to GLUTTONY SIZE IT!!!!

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Corporate Fast food sucks!!! So try my homemade Gluttony instead.

Step 1: Thing You Will Need

Note: This recipe is for one sandwich only. If you plan on making more, you will have to multiply the

           There is also an option for you to GLUTTONY SIZE IT! (pictures not included yet), if your looking
            to be as fat as possible, Just look for the minor changes marked by  the 'GLUTTONY SIZE!' text

2 eggs
2 sausage links                  (4 links for GLUTTONY SIZE)
2 strips of (turkey) bacon  (4 strips for GLUTTONY SIZE)
2 slices of cheese             (4 slices for GLUTTONY SIZE)
1 hash brown patty            (2 patties for GLUTTONY SIZE)
1 raisin bagel
 Maple Syrup
1 Marinade injector

Step 2: Prep Work

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Slice bagel into halves.
3. Cut open sausage links and remove skin.
4. Roll sausage links into ball by hand, then flatten  into a patty about the same size as your bagel.
    (make 2 patties for GLUTTONY SIZE)
5. Cut Bacon strips in half.

Step 3: Ready to Cook

Note: I made someone else breakfast while making these pics, If you where wondering why I have the wrong amounts of things cooking.

1. Place hash brown(s) in oven
2. Place sausage patty (or patties) in frying pan set on medium heat.
3. When sausage is fully cooked on one side, flip over and add bacon to the pan.
4. Fully cook bacon and other side of sausage, then set in the microwave on a paper plate until
5. Flip the hash brown(s) in the oven as soon as you finish the meat. (10 minutes of oven time).
6. toast you bagel.
7. Fry  one side of eggs in frying pan on low to medium for about 2 minutes or until egg whites are
    almost fully cooked.
8. Flip eggs and remove from heat for about 1 minute then carefully place on  the plate in the
9. Remove hash brown(s) from oven.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

1. Fill injector Using a small container (or shot glass) full of Maple syrup. Then inject bagel halves with
    syrup from an almost flat angle (Try not to stab the needle all the way threw the bagel or they will leak
    all over you hands while eating). Repeat this process in multiple places until both slices fit you syrup
2. Set 2 half-strips of bacon on each piece of bagel.
2. Place one slice of Cheese over each bacon covered bagel.
3. Place one egg over each cheese slice.

Note: the 4th phase of this step is a little different depending on what size sandwich you chose to make.
           Please follow only one of those steps(either 4a or 4b). If you try to add 4b as an extra step, it is
           possible that your heart will explode out of your chest while trying to eat it. That and you might
           have to unhinge you jaw like a snake just to fit it in your mouth.

4a. (Regular Size) Place the sausage patty on one half of bagel and the hash brown patty on the other
 4b.(GLUTTONY SIZE) on one stack, layer another sausage patty, a piece of cheese, then a hash
       brown. On the 2nd stack do the same in a reverse order. Add hash brown , then cheese, then
       sausage. Finally, add the last two half-slices of bacon on top of the sausage stack
5. Microwave sandwich halves for about 45 seconds  to melt the cheese.
6. Add a touch more maple syrup.
7. Combine stacked bagel halves together.
8. Try to eat it without making a mess!

Note: If you where wondering wondering why the last couple of picture steps are a little different from the written steps: when taking the pictures, I added syrup in the middles, stacked sandwich, then microwaved. This is not a good way to do it, because your sandwich might fall over (and apart) while heating it. so please follow the written steps to avoid this problem (especially if you are making the GLUTTONY SIZE!). I will try to correct this problem the next time i make them.