Extrememly Simple Lego James Bond International Man of Mystery

Introduction: Extrememly Simple Lego James Bond International Man of Mystery

It has been awhile since I have been on here to post anything, (been busy getting my Associates in Visual Communication). Since that is completed though now I have time once again to start tinkering, so on with this instructable.
My son is a huge James Bond fan and Lego fan so he wanted his very own Lego James Bond. After kicking it around for awhile and checking some custom figures out on ebay we decided to see what kind of extras or doubles he had laying around we could use to make our own.
In the following steps I'll show you how to take three lego figures and make an awesome Lego James Bond of your own. (Don't worry all left over pieces were incorporated into making henchmen for him to fight so no Legos were harmed in the making of this project).
As always I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave comments, suggestions, questions, etc. and remember have fun in anything you do.

Step 1: Clothes Make the Man

The first thing we did was find a lego with a nice looking suit. It just so happened that we had two Lex Luthors.

Step 2: Clothes Make the Man Pt. 2

So Mr. Luthor kindly donated his suit for the project.

Step 3: A Proper Headache

Now that we had a fantastic suit for our Bond he needed a level head to go with it. So we decided to take this Scout Troopers head as it had a James Bond type expression.

Step 4: Solving the Headache

Here the head is shown off the body ready for its new home.

Step 5: Hair Today...

The hair was the easiest to find as we have at least four spare Anakin Skywalkers lurking about.

Step 6: Gone Tomorrow!

Here is the hair off all ready to go.

Step 7: All the Components Needed

Here is one last shot of all the separate parts before assembly.

Step 8: The Perfect Bond

Here is the completed project. Hope you enjoyed the step by step, and as always have fun!

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