Introduction: Eye Glasses Case Tutorial

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Here is a fun sewing project that anyone can do.
Make yourself an glasses case to protect your specs!

You’ll need:
9″ by 9" piece of fabric. (I used embroidered linen.)
8.5" by 8.5" piece of fabric for the lining
9" by 9" piece of thin cotton batting
Needle, thread, pins.

Step 1: Pin and Quilt the Outer Fabric

Step 1: Pin the outer fabric and the cotton batting together.  Sew the two layers together, using vertical lines spaced about 1 inch apart.

Step 2: Trim the Outer Fabric

Step 2: Use a rotary cutter and ruler to square up the fabric.  Trim the edges so that the finished piece measures 8.5" by 8.5".

Step 3: Fold and Sew

Step 3: Fold the outer layer in half, right sides together.  Pin, and sew along the long side and 1 short side, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Step 4: Turn Right Side Out

Step 4: Turn the fabric right side out.  Use a long, blunt object (like knitting needles) to poke out the corners.

Step 5: Fold and Sew Lining Fabric

Step 5:  Time for the lining.  Fold the lining fabric in half, right sides together.  Sew along the long side, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Sew along 1 short side, but leave a small opening. (about two fingers worth)

Step 6: Pin Them Together

Step 6: Slip the outer piece inside the lining as shown.

Pin the two pieces together and stitch around the opening. 

Step 7: Pull It Through

Step 7: Pull the outer piece out through the opening in short side of the lining fabric. Don’t tuck the lining in just yet.

Step 8: Stitch the Lining Closed

Step 8: Hand stitch (or let's be honest, machine stitch) the opening in the lining fabric closed.

Step 9: Tuck in the Lining

Step 10: Tuck the lining in, again using a long blunt object to poke out the corners.
Ta da!  You did it.
*For personal use only, please.