Introduction: Eye Stones DIY | Game of Thrones

In Game of Thrones we see these eye stones quite a bit, so I decided to replicate them at home!

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Step 1: Find Rocks

While you're out and about walking around stones be sure to look and try to find 2 almond shaped stones that are similar in size.

If you don't want to waste time searching you can also find rocks at your local dollar store, so be sure to look for some this shape!

Once you have them be sure to give them a quick wash to get all that dirt off.

Once dry you can begin painting! Using my good old washable kids paint from Wal Mart I'm using the white to create the white part of eyes. It may take 2 coats to become opaque depending on your paint.

Tip: Be sure not to cover the entire side with the white. We want that rim of stone on the outside!

Step 2: Add the Iris

I mixed together white and blue to create an almost pastel colour for the Iris, and began shaping even circles. Try your best to make them as even as possible!

From some reference pictures online the eyes have some dimension in the center. So I added more white to the pastel blue and began applying it to the center of the Iris!

Step 3: Details

Using black I added a small circle in the center of the Iris to make the Pupil. I needed 2 coats for it to be opaque!

Then once the black is dry you can add small dots to mimic light reflections. This adds a more animated effect, but it brings life to the eyes!

And lastly I added a thin outline with a fine point sharpie to bring it all together!

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