Introduction: Eye Tutorial

Hi! I made an eye tutorial! Okay, this is for people like me, who don’t have proper art supplies, so just grab a number two pencil, cause that’s all you’ll need for this!


pencil. literally that’s it. don’t get fancy.
Also a bomb-ass playlist

Step 1: Starter Shape!

Draw a diamond at an angle to get yourself started. I’m doing a left eye, here, so the inside pupil is slightly towards where the nose would be.

Step 2: Eye Shape

Curve out the edges of the eye and erase the guidelines.

Step 3: Basic Details.

Depending on which way the eye is looking, draw a circle. My eye will be looking straight ahead, and remember that the top of the eye is slightly cut off by the upper eyelid when one is looking right ahead. You’ll also want to draw some lines above and below the eye (lids)

Step 4: Lashes and Pupil

Draw some lines for the lashes. Lashes always curve to whatever side they’re on. In the pupil, draw a smaller circle for the iris and a blob for the ‘shine’ of the eye.

Step 5: Basic Shading.

Shade in the pupil as dark as you possibly can, and then go ahead and outline the main areas of the eye dark as well (as seen in the picture) Add some more lines to the lashes. Make them random, clump them and overlap them. They’re not all alike!

Step 6: Lines!

Make some lines in the main part of the eye. Dark. Go ahead and shade that corner thing in and also feel free to add more lashes, but make them very short and dark. This is a female eye, so if you’re drawing a male eye, the amount of lashes you have now should be fine.

Step 7: More Lines, More Shading.

Add more, very light lines to the main part of the eye. Additionally, very lightly, shade the white of the eye, but only directly under the lid. This is natural shading, so don’t make it too dark! If you haven’t already, go ahead and darken the upper and lower lid lines.

Step 8: Adding Depth

Medium-dark, shade in the inside of the pupil and also the area surrounding the iris. Also, go ahead and shade, lightly the bottom of the white of the eye.

Step 9: Finishing Touches

Add a little more (very very very light) shading, over the whole eye, then use your finger to smooth it out. Blend the iris more into the main pupil, and darken the corners of the eye. Darken the bottom of the lash line as well, and erase the shine of the eye. It’s probably gotten a bit smudged into by this point, and you’ll be surprised how white it looks after you erase it. Be careful not to mess up all the lines you made!

Step 10: Finished Product!