Introduction: Eyeball! With Stem

Scare your friends with this gruesome DIY! : )

Step 1: Materials

You'll need:
1. A fake eyeball
2. A cotton ball
3. Liquid school glue (you don't need much)
4. A toothpick
5. Red, blue, and brown paint
6. A paper cup


Step 2: Make a Base

Pour some glue into the paper cup. Then unroll your cotton ball and rip off a piece about a third the size of the ball. Dip one end in the glue and stick it to the back of the eyeball making the base. Toy with it a little to get into the right shape.

Step 3: Making the Stem

Rip off a long piece of the Cotten strip and roll it into a cone shape. Glue it to the base of the eyeball, making the stem.

Step 4: Make It Gross!

Take the chunk you ripped off in the last step and roll it into a thin noodle. Soak it in glue and wrap it around where the stem connects to the base. Don't have it perfect though. Have it overlapping itself a little and make it angled. This will make it more natural looking. Adding this will add stability and make it look chunky and gross.

Step 5: Add Glue

Now paint glue on the stem. This will help it keep its shape and add stability. You can see I found a plastic piece that I can set the eye on to dry on.

Step 6: Paint!

Wait for the glue to dry and paint the stem red.

Step 7: Paint Details

Now take the toothpick and dab it in blue paint and make little veins. Don't make them all going the same way though and put them in random places so they look more realistic and natural. Then take the other end of the toothpick and dab it in brown paint and fill in any crevices to add some depth.

Step 8: One Optional Step and You're Done

Now you can add some gloss to make the eyeball more realistic and you can even add it to the stem to make it look moist and juicy. Disgusting!

Step 9: You're Done

Now have some fun with you're ripped out eye! Scare your friends, use it as Halloween decor, or just use up that time on your hands! Happy Halloween!

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