Introduction: Eyeglass-mounted Bicycle Mirror

Build this simple, lightweight, inexpensive, and practical rear view mirror for riding your bicycle. It alerts you to traffic approaching from the rear, and reduces the number of times you must turn your head to look.

Safety warning: Do not rely exclusively on any mirror when pulling into traffic lanes. Always turn your head and look directly, to be sure.

No parts or dimensions are critical. Use the photos and instructions as a guide.

- Plastic safety glasses
- Inspection mirror with swivel mount and extendable handle
- Shrink wrap tubing (I used 0.5in (12.7mm) diameter tubing)
- fine wire or scotch tape

- Heat gun

(All parts and heat gun were purchased at Harbor Freight Tools.)

- Position the mirror handle against the left side arm of the glasses.
- Temporarily attach the mirror handle to the glasses with tape or fine wire.
- Slide shrink wrap tubing over handle and arm.
- Heat and shrink the shrink wrap tubing, being careful not to melt eyeglass arm.

- The first three photos show different views of the completed assembly.
- The last photo gives a demonstration: See Frankenstein approaching.

- Put on your bike helmet.
- Put on the new glasses.
- Adjust the mirror so you can see behind you. Do not block your main field of view forward. (I find it gives good perspective to adjust the mirror so I can just barely see the side of my head at the edge of the mirror.)
- Practice riding where there are no cars (on rail trails or parking lots).
- When riding in traffic, always turn and look to confirm the way is clear.
- For storage, retract the mirror handle and fold the glasses normally.

- This design does not adapt well to wearing with prescription lenses or sunglasses.


Note: See version 2 here: