​Eyes Protector

Introduction: ​Eyes Protector

I come from Yancheng Junior High School in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. This is the first time I publish my work. I am 13 years old.


This eye protector can give you enough light sources to use when you are chasing dramas or playing on your mobile phone, and it can also remind you to rest for 10 minutes when you use your eyes for 30 minutes.



1. CartonX1

2. Mobile phone holder X 1

electronic product:

1. Arduino Leonardo X1

2. Breadboard X 1

3. DuPont Alligator Clip X 14

4. LED lights (white X5, yellow X1)

5. LCD X 1

6. Photo resistance X 1

7. Resistance X 6

8. USB DuPont power cord X 1

9. Base plate X1

1. 紙箱 X 1

2.手機支架 X1


1. Arduino萊昂納多X1

2.麵包板X 1

3.杜邦鱷魚夾X 14

4. LED燈(白色X5,黃色X1)

5. LCD X 1

6.光敏電阻X 1

7.電阻X 6

8. USB杜邦電源線X 1

9.底板X 1

Step 1: Choose the Right Box.


Step 2: Install the Photoresistor on the Phone Holder.


Step 3: Install the LED Light on the Carton (yellow X1 White X5)

3.安裝LED燈在紙盒上(黃色X1 白色X5)

Step 4: ​ Install the LCD Panel on the Paper Tray

4. 安裝LCD面板在紙盒上

Step 5: Connect the Line.


Step 6: Write Programs


Step 7: Finish


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