F-111 Paper Aeroplane

Introduction: F-111 Paper Aeroplane

build this extremely fast and sleek simple paper aeroplane, its hang time if it hits wind will amaze you.

you will need
-Paper (A4 preferred)
-A hard surface
-hands :)

Note this plane flies best inside.

watch it fly here

Step 1: Building the Basic Shape

Now to building the plane

1)First take the paper and fold it length-ways, this will be called the origional fold.

2)then take a corner and fold it so it and its side touches this fold.
-mirror the other side.

3)Now take the corner created and (you guessed it) fold it so it touches the origional fold,this has created the main wing.
-mirror the other side.

4)now fold the wing towards te origional fold so that 1 cm (o.4 inches) sepereates the 2 folds.

note: you will probably recognise this but i just wanted to include it for those of us whom arent nous.

Step 2: The Tail Fins

Now its time for the tail fins the part of the plane that gives it such unique flight characteristics.

Note: Most of these steps are better understood when used in conjunction with the pictures.

1)Now grab your scisors an cut where the last corner fold created another corner ,about 2/3 of the way towards the centre of the plane.

2)Fold from the end of the cut to the corner of the plane.

3)Fold the edge from this cut along the newly created fold.

4)Fold this over to create your tail fin.

5)Mirror these steps on the other side of the plane.

Step 3: Stability Fins

Stability fins are extremely important to this plane they prevent it from spinning out of controll.

1)Fold your wing so that its corner touches the end of the cut.
mirror on other side.

2)Fold the corner of your tail fin so that it is 1/2 of the way towards the centre of the plane but still touches the side.
mirror on other side.

3)Unfold all stability fins so that they are perpindicular to the wing they are on, or other angles ,experiment with it :)

Step 4: Front of Plane

Now all u need to do is fold the first 1 cm (0.4 inches) back into itself and push it together hard.

Note: this is easier to understand in the pictures.

You are now finished, it should fly/glide well.

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    Video no longer exists :( plus, I was hoping for something with variable sweep wings like the actual F-111. Cool plane design though.


    14 years ago on Introduction

    i thought i only had to show it at the start of my video (which i did) please try this 1 out and tell me what u think of it


    14 years ago on Introduction

    Pictures are nice, video is great!
    Nice job!

    Note: You have to print out the Toss It! paper thing.