Introduction: F-117 NightHawk

Here, you will learn how to make an F-117 NightHawk

Step 1: Getting Started

The things you need...

  • A 3D printer
  • Filament
  • 3D modeling/printing program (preferably

Step 2: Building a Base

First, you want to build a base for your jet.

I used a three-sided pyramid for this, the inputs are...

Use the scale tool and put it at X=4, Y=4, and Z=-0.3

Step 3: Shaping Your Jet

Now, you will want to shape your jet to whatever shape you want.

You will want to make the blocks you're using clear/transparent. This allows it to cut out that shape.

The picture above shows the code that I used so you can use it if you want or you can get creative.

When you have the shapes where you want them you must put a create group with the multicolor selected, (This is what makes it get cut out)

Step 4: Building a Cockpit

This step will be the most important. You will want to add whatever shapes you want to create it but I used two cylinders and a sphere.

You can use the code that I put together if preferred.

Step 5: Optional

You don't have to do this but I did to not make it look as plain. For this, I used two rounded roofs.

I have the code up top if you would like to use it or you can wig it. (Do you like my puns?)

Step 6: Tail

This is the tail of the plane.

There is code up top that is used to create this, but also remember that there is a clear piece and it needs a create group block to cut the shape.

Step 7: Finished Product

Now, you have successfully created an F-117 NightHawk!

Since you put it on Tinkercad you are able to put it on an SD chip to be put in a 3D printer.