Introduction: F1 Pinewood Derby Car

This year was my first pinewood derby! This is the car I made, I designed it after a F1 Racer. My brother drew out the plans, and I did all the cutting, sanding, and painting! I think it turned out really well, I hope you enjoy looking at the finished product, and maybe it'll serve as a source of inspiration for your next pinewood derby car!

What did you make?
I made my very first pinewood derby car! I used the pinewood derby kit provided by my club. It came with a block of pine, axles, tires, and club decals. I used a scroll saw to cut out the body of the car, then I used sandpaper to finish off the rough edges. I painted the car body black, then used masking tape to help me paint on the red racing stripes. To finish the paint job I sprayed on a clear gloss coat. Then I attached the wheels, and added the weights to finish it up!

How did you make it?
My brother helped me to draw the design on the pine block, then I did all the cutting. He also helped me to put on the masking tape, attach the wheels, and add the weight. At first I thought I might make a truck, then I decided to make the F1 racer instead.

Where did you make it?
I made it in the workshop in our barn. I was making the car for the Awana Grand Prix. I had lots of fun during the project!

What did you learn?
The hardest part about it for me was cutting out the back wing, I had to cut in some tight places. It got kinda tricky! I also learned how to use a chisel. I thought chiseling was fun! I used my new skill to chisel out the driver's seat.

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