F150 2.5" Leveling Kit Install




Introduction: F150 2.5" Leveling Kit Install

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This will be a step by step installation for the Rugged Off Road 2.5" leveling kit for the 2015-2020 F150

The kit we installed: https://amzn.to/33zBHAN

Tools need:

8, 10, 13, 18, 19, 22, 27 MM sockets

8, 15, 19 mm wrenches

Pry bar, floor jack and jackstands

2 pipes or adjustable wrenches

Step 1: Vacuum/brake Lins

remove all bolts and clips securing the 4WD vacuum line and brake lines to give you slack to drop the spindle assembly

Step 2: Ball Joint and Tie Rod

Loosen the upper ball joint with a 19mm wrench and 8mm wrench or socket. Then remove the tie rod from the spindle

Step 3: Strut Nuts

Remove the 3 15mm nuts securing the top of the strut

Step 4: Axle Nut

Remove the dust cap with vice grips then remove the 13mm axle nut

Step 5: Sway Bar End Link

Disconnect the sway bar end link by removing the 19mm nut

Step 6: Control Arm

Remove the 2 nuts securing the strut to the lower control arm, then loosen but dont remove the front and rear 27MM lower control arm nuts. This will allow the control arm to freely move to remove and install the strut,

Step 7: Remove Strut

Remove strut by lowering the control arm, but be careful not to put too much tension on the brake lines.

Step 8: Reconnect Upper Balljoint

Now that the strut it out, reconnect the upper ball joint to prevent damage, while you install the spacer.

Step 9: Install the Spacer

Install the spacer, it can only go on one way

Step 10: Correct the Studs

The studs are now angle approx 15 degree in the wrong direction now that the spacer is install. Spray lubricant on the bushing, put 2 pipes on the studs and rotate them to make then angled in the opposite direction approx 15 degrees

Step 11: Reassemble

The strut can now go back in the truck, carefully lower the spindle and lower control arm again to allow room for the strut, be careful of the brake lines! Reassembly should be pretty strait forward, the only trick is to use a pry bar to pull down on the upper ball joint to reconnect it to the spindle.

Tighten the 27mm lower control arm nuts after the wheels are install and the truck is on the ground.


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