Introduction: F22 Avalancer Rifle V.1

About: I fricken love knex sooooo much.
This is my new gun. its extremely powerful, but is limited with the amount of rubber bands you can put on. It uses Viccie's ratchet system. Hope you like it.... Tell me if there are any problems you want me to fix or help you with...

Strong body
O.K. stock.
True Trigger.
I got mine to shoot extremely far with my airplane bullet. (ask if you want to know how to make this... its a knex arrow ammo rod attached inside a paper airplane.)
Sweet Looks
Shoots through 2 sides of card board box from 150 feet with the classic ammo rod.

Lots of yellow connectors and green rods.

Piece Count

Orange---------- 29
Yellow---------- 106
Red---------- 8
Blue---------- 30
White---------- 9
Dark Grey---------- 6
Light Grey---------- 16
Green---------- 18

Blue---------- 33
Red---------- 2
Yellow---------- 4
White---------- around 60
Green---------- 150 to 200... too hard to count. sorry

Step 1: Handle and Handle Guard.

1. Build this. There are 16 connectors.( can be used with dark connectors but i used light to save pieces)
2. Build
3. Build
4. Build
5. Gather
6. Slide together
7. Gather
8. Connect
9. Make
10. Connect
11. Gather
12. Connect
13. Gather and Connect.

Step 2: Stock

1. Gather
2. Make
3. Connect
4 & 5. Make. There are 16 green connectors ( you don't have to have only 16. You can add as many as you can / want )
6. Gather and connect. Set aside.
7. Gather and make.
8 & 9. Add the rods. Sorry there isn't image notes, it's not letting me put them on....
10. Flip over and add a yellow connector on the blue rods.
11. Gather.
12. Connect the yellow connectors.
13. Add the green rods.
14. Gather
15. Connect
16. Gather 23 green rods, 5 yellow connectors, 7 white rods, and a green connector. ( sorry the green connector isn't in the picture.)
17. Add all the pieces.
18. Gather and make.
19. Attach here.
20. Gather
21. Connect.
22. Gather 1 yellow connector.
23. Connect it to the blue rods.
24. This is what you should have made so far.... you're doing great... lol

Step 3: Trigger System

1. Make
2. Gather.
3. Add.
4. Gather.
5. Add.
6. Gather.
7. Connect.
8. Gather.
9. Add.

Step 4: Barrel

1. Make 2 of these. There are 15 Blue connectors.
2. Gather the things you just made and 30 blue rods.
3. Connect the blue rods with the blue connectors.
4. Close up.
5. Make. There are15 orange connectors.
6. Close up.
7. Slip white rods in each hole.
8. Add yellow connectors on the white rod.
9. Add green rods to the yellow connectors.
10. Add green rods to the bottom of the yellow connectors. Set aside.
11. Grab the blue connector thing you make in step 3 and put yellow connectors on as shown.
12. Add green rods.
13. Spread it apart. ( don't spread as far as i have in in picture. only spread the left side all the way over...)
14. Gather.
15. Connect the two. Use a screw driver as shown... It's easier.
16. What it should look like.
17. Make. There are 15 yellow connectors.
18. Slip white rods through the connectors.
19. Snap into the bottom of the blue connectors.
20. What it should look like.
21 - 31. Follow the pictures. it should be easy.

Step 5: Assembly

1. Gather
2. Connect
3. Gather
4. Connect
5. Gather
6. Connect
7. I'm very sorry but i made the stock wrong so try to make your stock look like this and it will work perfect.
8. Gather 2 green rods.
9. Snap in on both sides.

Step 6: Rubber Band and Loading

1. Gather
2. Put on gun as shown
3 - 8. Follow steps
9. Un-attach this piece
10. Grab a blue rod
11. Put the rubber band on the blue rod as shown
12. Clip into gun as shown
13. pull rubber band all the way back and wrap around white rod in the next picture
14. wrap around
15. Reattach the one piece
16. Make this ( It's a classic ammo rod )
17 & 18. Put the ammo rod in as shown

Now just aim and fire. You can make another rubber band thing and put it on gun to have to slings. Have fun and maybe ill post my airplane bullet.