Introduction: F450 Drone

Hi guys myself Heena and my friend saniya. We are from JP Nagar nook.Today we will show you how to make F450 Drone at home


1. F450 frame

2. BLDC Motors 1400KV

3. ESC 30A

4. Propellers CW And CCW

5. 11.1v Lppo Battery

6. KK2.1.5 Board

8. B3 Charger

9. Transmitter & Receiver

10. Zip ties


1. Soldering Wire

2. Soldering Machine

3. Screw driver

4. Cutting pliers

5. Black screw

6. Multi meter

Step 1: Soldering

Take F450 frame then solder the 4 ESC with the help of soldering iron and led as shown in the image.

Step 2: Frame

Then take a frame and fit to board with the help of screw driver and screw as shown in the pictures

Step 3: Fitting Moters

Take a moters fit to the frame at 4 sides also

Step 4: Flight Controller

  1. Their will be 3 wires in motor that is red, yellow ,black.
  2. Then their will be three wires in batteries also then join first wire to the red.second wire to yellow &third wire to black same in opposite direction also. Then we will finest 2 sides for another 2 sides first wire is to red second wire is to yellow & third wire is to black&joit same in opposite direcyion also

Step 5: K K 2.1.5 Board Fitting

Take a board and see where is arrow mark in board then keep it in front side and fit it.

Step 6: Fitting Propeller

Then fit the propellers to the motors at the the four sides also.

Step 7: Jumper Wires

connect the wire as shown in the image