Introduction: F450 Quadcopter Using KK 2.1.5 Easy

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Hello there!

This is Teerth Warang here

Today we will be making a F450 Frame quadcopter using a KK 2.1.5 Flight Controller

Its run by a KK 2.1.5 Flight Controller and a FlySky Basic CT6B Transmitter and Reciever

The flight controller KK 2.1.5 has a display with onboard programing for around 15$

The frame costed me at 10$, all motors at 12$, All ESC at 15$, Flight controller at 15$ and the Transmitter Reciever and some accessories at around 45$

In all everything costed me around 150$

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For this you need:

DJI F450 Frame

KK 2.1.5 Flight Controller

11.1V LIPO Battery

10x4.5 Inch Propellers

Simonk 30A Electronic Speed Controller

Jumper Wires

FlySky CT6B Transmitter Reciever

Battery Strap

1000Kv Brusless Motors

KK 2.1.5 Buzzer (Optional)

T Female Battery Connecter

Soldering Gun

Ankle Key Set

Double Sided Tape

Step 1: KK 2.1.5 Wiring & Propellor Setting



Reciever to Flight Controller:

· Channel 1-5 Signal to Signal of KK 2.1.5

· Channel 1 +ve to KK +ve & Channel 1 -ve to KK -ve

(Positive in the center row, negative in the last row and signal in the first row of the receiver)

Motors to Flight Controller:

· 1st Leg: Top Left

· 2nd Leg: Top Right Signal KK 2.1

· 3rd Leg: Down Right

· 4th Leg: Down Left

ESC Connections:

· Negative Row to Corresponding Wire

· Positive Row to Corresponding Wire

· Center Wire Signal

Propellor Spinning:

CW & CW Top Left and Down Right

CCW & CCW Top Right and Down left

Step 2: KK 2.1.5 FC Trimming and Setup

Go to menu and Factory Reset first

Then select your drone as Quadcopter X Mode and the next verify your propellor directions

Go to menu and do ACC CALIBRATION keep your Drone on a Flat Surface

After that follow the images and change the data in your quadcopter as per it ( PI EDITOR & STICK SCALING DATA GIVEN)

Step 3: Transmitter Trimming

Trim the Throttle levers and sliders as per the above images.

Then verify these settings and see that no joystick is inverted by the computer installing T6CONFIG Software.

Step 4: More Programming

Verify the information

Step 5: More Trimming

To make your drone stable verify the information in the file.

Use this file to get accurate information about the drone


Move the Throttle Joystick down and right or left to arm the drone

Turn the switches (A &B) up and down if its not arming.

Move the VR A Dial to max or minimum if Self Level doesn't appear

If the drone is having some issues contact me at +918262069635 or +917710771350

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