Introduction: FALL, a Mobile Turned Into a Balance Game, by Samuel Bernier

The Fall game provides pieces that can be combined to create different mobiles, all with an autumnal theme. Balance skills superior to even the best Jenga player would come in handy here, since every addition changes the weight distribution. The Fall game is constructed from maple, and was designed as a toy for teenagers. This game teaches basic physic of weight and equilibrium. 

Photos by Elizabeth Cloutier
Design By Samuel Bernier, Félix Martin and Audrey Meunier

Step 1: The Stick

The main twig is only a 20' (3/4 diameter) stick attached by a rope going trough its center. 
The Twig is made of two 10'' stock assembled with a wooden tube. For the wooden tube, just drill a 3/4 hole in a 1'' wood part.

Step 2: The Parts

Create the smaller twigs using various size of dowels. Use very strong glue.
Drill a hole on the twig using a Dremel. Pass the elastic trough the hole and make a knot. Pass the elastic trough the wooden leaf and end with a noose.  

Step 3: The Weights

The leaves are used to balance the mobile. Make a loop with an elastic going trough the big and the small leaf. 
The leaves are teinted with ink. 

Step 4: How to Play

Now... the game.

One player stands on both side of the main stick.
The parts stay in the bag on the ground.
The first player picks a part and ad it to the mobile.
The second player does the same thing trying to balance the game.
The game continues until there is no parts left or if the tree falls appart.

Have fun!

Samuel Bernier