Introduction: #FANMAN OR #FANGIRL

This is an instructable on how to create your very own fan backpack! This is a hacktivism project! The project's goal is to visually raise awareness of global warming more than to go in to the detailed depths about it. This device is meant to be worn by a performer on the street.

Step 1: Materials Needed

* For this project you will need access to a laser cutter or a CNC* - You could also handcut but it might be more difficult.

Some links for materials we used are included below!


Arudino Nano

RTC PCF8523- Real Time Clock -

Battery for RTC -

Batttery (Small)

Charger for Battery -

MCP908 - Temperature Sensor

Relay F1CA005V

Fans (12 in our case)

Soldering Iron

Soldering Board

Shrink Tubes

Wire stripper

Staple gun

Electric Drill

Spray paint (or any kind of paint)

Bag straps

D-3 rings


Step 2:

Step 3: Testing Sensors!

First off we're going to start with the electronics of this hacktivism project.

As soon as you get your Real Time Clock Sensor & I2c Temperature Sensor make sure that they work with the Arduino before you start building.

Step 4: Electronics

Connect to the Arduino For the temperature sensor:

Vcc to 5V / Gnd to ground /SCL to A5/ SDA to A4 For the time clock sensor: Vcc to 5V / Gnd to ground /SCL to SCL/ SDA to SDA

Write the "turn on fan" temperature of each month (if the temperature is higher than xx, turn on the fan). We made a graph for the months and the temperature when we want it to turn on. For example - in January the fans will turn on if the atmospheric temperature is 27 F or -3 C.


Test all the fans' and figure out which wire is positive and which is negative

Soldering all fans' positive together and all fans' negative together

More Electronics

Connect with transistor 1)base to pin10 2)collecter to Diode 3)emitter to ground

Diode(the collector side) to fans' negative Diode(with silver band side) to Battery's positive and fans' positive

Connect the negative side of Battery to the ground

Step 5: Time to Laser Cut!

Take your file to your laser cutter and wait for the bag to be completed!

Step 6: Build Your Bag

After laser cutting out the bag, use a staple gun and a drill build the bag!! The top is bendable so don't worry about it possibly not folding over! The holes are where the fans will go!

Step 7: Make the Bag Look Like a Bag!

Spray paint or any kind of paint (we found paint to be the most effective and fast to use), cover up any laser burn marks made with the laser cutter and make your #FANMAN bag look more believable and less like a prop!

Step 8: Add in the Fans

Remember all the fans you soldered together? Place them into the holes (slots for the fans) and drill them into place so they're nice and secure!

Step 9: Don't Forget to Add in the Electronics!

Add the electronics to the inside of the bag.

Step 10: Adding Bag Straps and Finishing Touches

Connect rings to the back of the backpack (drill them into place) and thread in bag straps for easy shouldering. If you'd like you can customize the #FANMAN bag even more!

Step 11: Turn on the Fans!

Using two of the outlying wires connect them to the battery that is attached to your electronics to turn on the fans.

Step 12: Get Ready to Create Awareness!

That's it! You finished your #FANMAN fan backpack, congrats! Now go out there and fulfill your mission!