Hi everyone!

Today i will show step by step how i made a FARMHOUSE OFFICE DESK X-style. Hope you will enjoy it:)

Step 1:

In internet i find such plan. I really like it and decided to make the same desk.

Materials List:

- Wood board for the table top made of oak - 120*50 cm

- Wood profile for the table body 7*3 cm

- Wood profile for the shelves 5*2 cm

- Wood profile for the box body 2*2 cm

- Wood profile for the box body 3*0.5 cm

- Wood glue

- Chalked paint or another

- Screws

- Wet wipe

Tools that i used:

- Pocket Hole Jig(I used my homemade Jig)

- Electric screwdriver

- Orbital sander

- Circular saw

- Electric stapler

- Japanese saw

- Speed square

- Clamp

Step 2:

The first thing i start the process of building the farmhouse desk. I build 3 same desk legs. I measure and cut 6 wood profile for the table body 7*3 cm. For accurate cuts i used my handmade Crosscut Jig. I also used my homemade Kreg Jig and pocket Hole Screws to attach the 7*3 cm lumber together. Feel free to use a right angle clamp to help you clamp the pieces together.

Step 3:

Now i connect 3 legs between together. For this i measure and cut 2 wood profile 7*3 cm, lenght 70 cm. And 6 wood profile 7*3 cm, lenght 35 cm. To connect them i also used wood glue and Jig for pocket Holes.

Step 4:

For the table shelves I used wood profile 5*2 cm. I cut 10 pieces with length 40 cm. I used japanese saw. it can cut very accurate and smooth.

Step 5:

The most difficult part to make X side legs. I used wood profile 7*3 cm. First i marked and cut 1 part of the X. Then we should cut 2 part. Next step. I fix one part and apply the second part on top. Setting the corners. I mark the place where I need to make cuts. I cut out half the thickness of the wood profile 7*3 cm. Then i add some glue ad fix the with clamps. I inserted those X into the side legs. I drilled holes and screwed in the screws.

Step 6:

Now i must made back V-side. The principle of operation is the same as with the X side legs.

Step 7:

I mixed glue and wood dust from sanding. I got wood filler. I filled the holes from pocket hole jig. I sand everything with Grinding machine. Now i begin painting.

Step 8:

The next step, I made a drawer in the form of fruit boxes. I cut lot of wood profile 3*0.5 cm. Then i glued them and fix with Electric stapler. Bottom of the boxes I made out of plywood. I covered the boxes with Danish oil.

Step 9:

Final step! I rounded the corners of the countertop with an edge cutter. Sanded with 80/120/180 sandpaper, ั„ั‚ะฒ ัovered with Danish oil. And connect boby and top of the table!

Step 10:

Final result!

Hope you like it! Thanks for watching!