Introduction: FAX YOURSELF

WARNING: Uncertainty! (both material & human)
                     Don't forget that you will be working with a highly inflammable material & think hard before you apply alcohol to other parts of your body such as, err...your nostrils; yes, it burns.
So, read all before you start.             I take my paranoias seriously; you better do as well.

                     Many of you know that fax is a thermal paper, ie. heat sensitive on one side, but a few knows that it also gets drunk(!) ie. affected by alcohol. In this, my first, instructable we will deal only with the latter, Hyde'ing, side of fax. Dr. Jekyll also has boundless potential when you come to play with him. When you think of the ways thermal paper reacts to various sources & forms of heat you'd be amazed. (This will be another story, but you should start pondering on it. Let's see what we all come up with.)

Step 1: Ready, Steady

At least one roll of thermal(fax) paper
Alcohol (One I used is 80 proof lemon cologne, with a spray nozzle
A foam mat appr. a4 size (I used 1 cm. upholstery foam which is very handy for many things)
A fan of your choice (I used my hands)
A scanner

Step 2: Situate Yourself

-Cut your fax papers to size ( a4 will do) & stock them beside you.
-Get your foam on your lap & place one sheet on it, sensitive side facing you.
-Cover the lot with a newspaper or something. (Alcohol mist falls down on the fax paper & fog it, as you spray your face. Also secure your pre-cut stock & the roll.)
-Find a place for your spray bottle: reachable & flat surface as you'll be putting it back with your eyes closed.
-Put your fan close to you (pocket)
-Arrange space to lay damp fax papers. They may affect each other if you stack them.
There finally be a stack- beleive me!. It's hard stop once you've started.

Step 3: Application

Make sure you squeeze yor eyes shut as fast as you can.
1. Spray alcohol on your face at arms length. Remember alcohol is the mother of all evil.
2. Grab your your paper with the foam backing after taking the cover off & putting it aside and press the emulsion side on your face.
3. Pull, peel the paper away.      DON'T OPEN YOUR EYES YET!  You're dying for a peep but DON'T.
    With eyes still closed wait for 10-15 seonds & fan yor face.
4. By then your image should be developed . If not, fan that too.
WARNİNG again: Don't smoke till you're sure all the stuff has evaporated & you're not in a cloud of alcohol waiting for a spark to whoof around you. If you're very desperate, have it lit by someone far away from you & bring back. Even then, when taking a drag some "chemi-I don't know whats" they put in cigarettes can crack & boom again. Give it up!  Anything getting in the way with your work should be given up.

Step 4: Spray in Action

Again, make sure your eyes closed.

Step 5:

It might be a good idea to put double-sided tape to the corners of the foam. Soil them a little to make them less tacky.

Step 6: Ready for Photoshop

This is the raw print scanned.
Don't get dissapointed if you can't get a decent image in your first try. Repeat the ordeal & you'll find out, the amount of cologne needed on you face (or where ever), how to & how long to press etc. in a few swings.

Step 7: Another Catch by Me

From here on you can go as you fish. Make a transparency & silkscreen it, no problem.