FELCO 7 Pruner Rebuild : E-Z Shock Absorber Replacement

Introduction: FELCO 7 Pruner Rebuild : E-Z Shock Absorber Replacement

The Felco 7 pruner is a great tool, but after 10 years, I had to break it down and rebuild it with new blade, anvil and other parts. Still cheaper than buying new! The hardest part to replace was the Shock Absorber pad

It is a flat-conical rubber pad embedded in a hole. You cannot grab it. Felco recommended at  their website using a hand tap vise with a tap to dig in and pull it out. I had the vise but no tap small enough.

Use a cup hook. Screw it in carefully, so you don't strip the hole, then pull it out with the hook part. Easy. The hardest part is putting the new one in. They now recommend in the new instructions to heat the pad first. Sigh.

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