Introduction: FIFA 20 SKILL MOVES

You will need a controller to do all of these moves and you will also need to have FIFA 20



Step 1: Log in Into FIFA 20

Step 2: Check How to Do the Skill Moves

Go to your settings on FIFA and press on skill moves, look for the skill move you want to do do and see the movement that you have to do on your controller.

Step 3: Check the Stars That Each of Your Players Have

If you check how many stars for skill moves your players have, then you will know with which player you will be able to do each skill move. Neymar has 5 star skill moves so he will be able to do every single skill move in the game, but Modric for example he is a 4 star so he will be able to do all skill moves except for the 5 star skill moves.

Step 4: Join a Game

You will need to join a game to do the skill moves

Step 5: Try to Do the Movements of What You Have to Do on Your Controller When You Are in a Game

When you are in the game you will have to have the ball to do this, do what it said on settings and you will be able to do the skill move.

Step 6: If You Do the Movement on Your Controller Well, the Skill Move Will Be Done

Each skill move is different and harder/easier than the other one.

Step 7: You Will Be Able to Score Very Good Goals

If you do these skill moves in the right moment and in the right place, they will be very useful and you will score goals easier

Step 8:

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