Introduction: Polymer Clay Rose Earrings

You bought a nice outfit but don't have any matching earrings yet? Why not make them yourself?
You can determine how big you make them and what color you paint them.


  • Fimo clay (I used the FIMO clay professional)
  • Oven
  • Oven dish with baking paper
  • Glue (I used Hasolith)
  • Flat head studs
  • Acrylic paint
  • Thin paint brush
  • Sand paper
  • Varnish (I used FIMO semi gloss varnish)
  • Thin brush to apply varnish
  • An ear to wear your beautiful creation

Step 1: Build the Rose "core"

Tear a little chunk of your Fimo and roll it between thumb and index finger in a little sphere.

Flatten the little sphere between thumb and index finger into an oval.

Carefully roll up the sides.

Take another little chunk of Fimo, roll it into a sphere and flatten it.

Put the new piece against the rolled up edges of the first piece and fold it around it.

Step 2: Add the First Circle of Petals

Take a little Fimo and roll it between your fingers and flatten it as you did in the previous step.

Add the new petal to your rose at the junction between the two rose parts. Make a new rose petal and add it so it overlaps a little with the previous petal. Repeat this 3 times untill you got 5 petals around your core.

Step 3: Add a Second Circle of Petals

The second circle of petals is made the same way as the first circle but this time make the petals bigger and thicker. Add the first petal at a junction of two petals of the first circle. Add the second petal so it overlaps a little with the first and continue until you have got five petals.

Depending on the thickness of the petals and how you position them, you get very different results but this makes each one unique!

Step 4: Oven Time!

Put your creations in the oven at 110°C for 20 minutes on a bit of oven paper.

Let them cool down before you touch them. They are fully hardened once cooled down.

Step 5: Flatten Them

Take your roses and flatten the bottom side with sandpaper. As you can see I already painted them here. I recommend painting them after you flatten them (see next step) but I was a bit forgetful and skipped this step accidentally.

Step 6: Paint Them

I chose a purple color which I made by taking red and adding small amounts of blue until I got the color I wanted.

Use a thin brush and be careful not to put to much paint on it so it doesn't get stuck in the crevices. Let it dry and put another layer on it. It's better to put multiple thin layers on it than to put one very thick layer on it.

Step 7: Varnish

To make sure your roses maintain their nice color put a a few layers varnish on them. Use a thin brush and don't use to much at once so it doesn't clog between the petals. After they are touch dry (20 minutes with FIMO varnish) you can go to the next step.

Step 8: Glue Them

If you buy a flat ear stud make sure you take a material that is nickel free to avoid allergic reactions. Silver, gold or surgical steel are good choices.

Put a little dot of glue on the rose and press the flat ear stud against it. Let it dry for a few hours (dependent on which glue you're using). I would recommend not wearing them for at least a day so that the glue and varnish can dry completely.

Step 9: Wear Them With Pride :)

After letting them dry for 24 hours you can finally wear your creation. Good luck!

Step 10: Want More?

With the same instructions you can make a ring for yourself.

I add an extra row of petals for a necklace.

Make the last circle of petals a little longer so they cover the back of your rose for a hanger.

And of course having them in one color isn't sufficient...

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