Nothing says MMMMM MMM! like fresh, roasted corn on the cob! Pick up some corn at your local farmers market, local grocery store, or out of your own garden (blessed!) and let's get roasting!

This Instructable will teach you a very easy and DELICIOUS new twist on the traditional corn on the cob, all while enjoying the outdoors.

Bring your toothpicks and floss and let's get going........

Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials

Here is what you will need........


  • Corn! The fresher the better.
  • Butter or olive oil, though butter is the preferred choice.
  • Thyme, or other herb of choice


  • Heavy-duty tin foil (regular foil is fine if you don't have heavy-duty, just wrap the corn a little more)
  • Knife
  • Tongs, or two sticks
  • Miniature or full-size clay oven
  • Wood to burn


  • Toothpicks
  • Floss


If you are interested in building a miniature version of a clay oven, see my Instructable here:

If you do not have a clay oven, you can substitute a campfire, BBQ grill, fire pit, fireplace...... seeing a theme here?

Step 2: Apply Butter, Herbs, and Wrap It Up!

Take your corn, and if not already shucked, shuck it good.

Clean off all the loose silk strands.

Slice off a pat of butter and stick it to your corn. If you are using a full piece of corn, you may want two or more pats of butter.

Stick a sprig of thyme or other herb to the butter parallel to the corn.

Wrap the decorated corn up in heavy duty foil, closing off the foil on each end so it is airtight.

Step 3: Come On, Baby, Light My Fire

Tinder, kindling, sticks.

Oxygen, heat, and fuel.

'Nuff said.

Ok, one more thing: I lit it up until it was a good 400+ degrees Fahrenheit. My temperature sensor read the floor of the oven was 415 degrees Fahrenheit. The corn cooks next to the fire and/or in a bed of coals so it will be much hotter, but oven 400 degrees is what I aimed for.

Step 4: Fire Roastin' Time!

WITH TONGS or two sticks, place the foil-wrapped corn into the fire or on the red hot coals.

You will want to turn them every few minutes for even cooking and caramelizing (golden browning of the sugars within the corn).

Total cooking time will vary slightly, but I cooked these for 10 minutes total and they came out perfect.

Once done, again, USING TONGS or two sticks, carefully remove them from the oven and place them on a plate.

Step 5: EAT!

It's time! Carefully unwrap the foil from the corn (both the foil AND the corn will be very hot!), and enjoy your hot-buttered herbed clay oven fire-roasted corn. DEEEEELICIOUS!

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