Introduction: FISH SMOKE HOUSE

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smoking you fish in your back yard

Step 1: Step # 1 Making Fishing Hangign Racks

use 1" x2" x 36" long pine wood to make you fish hanging rack

you will ned as many as 3 per raw or more

use D-6 or D-8 common nails or better if you can get ss- nails from a marine store

pre-drill with a small diameter drill bit than the nail you are using at an upward angle - so you can hang the fish from it

the opposite side will have raw's fo pine wood notched to hold the fish hanging rack firmly in the smoke-house

Step 2: Step # 2 Build the Flor and Teh Sides

build a 24' x 36' floor - tung and grove is desired in pine or cedar wood

assembled on the side with the peak at 6 feet high

this will all sit on a cement block form later

Step 3: Step # 3

install back wall and sides

Step 4: Step # 4

install pitched roof - tung, and grove and allow some extra hang on the outer edge brace as needed

Step 5: Step# 5

install front panels hinge extra as shown

Step 6: Step # 6

install end panel and duct tube to provide the smoke into the smokehouse

the whole thing will be placed on the masonry blocks as shown

you can cald the surface with nice decorative bricks

Step 7:

the house is sort of complete attach the duct to the source of smoke which could be a small metal box or round drum that you can burn oak wood

instal temperature gauge on the lower side of the front panel and another one at the higher side so you can get a good reading of the inner temperature of the smokehouse --- you just drill a hole and attach the nut provided and its ready to give you the readings

Step 8: Step # 8 Start Smoking

enjoy you smoked fish