FIx a Statue - Precision Glue Pen ,GOrilla




Introduction: FIx a Statue - Precision Glue Pen ,GOrilla

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I had a bunch of people over the house for a party while my Mom and Pops were out of town. SOme one found this in three pieces. My Mom made this bust while in College so it's not just any project - Time is due for me to fix this thing.

You will need- 1) Broken Statue
2) Gorilla Glue Precision Glue Pen (Dries White)
3) A Metal pick to remove excess
4) Patience and your own set of working hands
5) Gojo Orange Pumice Soap

Step 1:

It was a pretty clean break with the statue left in 3 main pieces.
-What we are looking at in this picture is the right leg / torso connected to the pedestal and the left leg cut off at the ankle. I glued the ankle and the torso (the statue being on it's base) and connecting our left leg_ It fit perfectly.
-I adjusted the second piece and then let dry-Gravity prett much worked on it's own here
-Watched Conan O'Briens movie while drying-

Step 2:

-After the movie, I removed the dried up tip from the Glue pen
-I slightly outlined the area to be GOrilla'd in Blue thne applied glue to said edges

Step 3:

For the Upper half of the figure I had to hold together and adjust slightly
-Then once more, let dry completely
- Finally after dryed, I removed excess glue off with a metal pick

Step 4: Gojo

GOJO is the Only thing that will get Gorilla glues off your hands

Step 5:

Good job to all those who have contributed -

We could use the Glue...

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    Looks like that glue worked really well. I'll have to keep that in mind, just in case.