Introduction: FLAPPY PAPER BAT

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Hi, makers, in this Instructables, we are going to make a flappy paper bat that flaps its own wings using a servo motor and an Arduino Uno. So, let’s see how to make it.

Step 1: Required Components & Software


  1. Bat Paper Stencil
  2. Black Craft Paper
  3. Paper Cutter
  4. Scissor
  5. Glue
  6. Tape
  7. Black Thread
  8. Arduino Uno with USB Cable
  9. Micro Servo Motor with four arms horn x1
  10. Male to Male jumper Wire x 3


  1. TInkercad
  2. Arduino IDE

Step 2: Download the Bat Stencil

Step 3: Print It Out on the Black Craft Sheet

Step 4: ​Now Carefully Trace the Bat Using Paper Cutter OR Scissor.

Step 5: After Tracing the Bat Now Creases the Dotted Lines With the Pen or Pencil for the Sharpness of the Wings

Step 6: And Now Fold the Dotted Lines on the Opposite Side As Shown in the Below Image to Make the 3d Wings and Paper Bat Is Ready.

Step 7: Now Let’s See the Steps to Make the Flappy Wings.

So, for making the wings flappy we'll need some actuator so that the wings can move. And here we are using the Servo Motor with the four arms horn so that we can flap both wings simultaneously

Step 8: Interface the Servo Motor to the Arduino

Interface the servo motor (with four arm horns) to the Arduino Uno in the following way:

  • Brown Pin (Servo) → GND Pin (Arduino)
  • Red Pin (Servo) → 5V Pin (Arduino)
  • Orange Pin (Servo) → ~9 (PWM Pin no. 9 of the Arduino)

Step 9: Code the Servo Motor to Flap the Wings

For the coding here I’m using the Tinkercad. You can use the same code to make your own. Click on the below link for the code.


Step 10: Download Code

After performing simulation on Tinkercad. Download the code by click, down-arrow under the code tab.

Step 11: After Downloading Open It Into the Arduino IDE

Step 12: Plug the Arduino Uno With Your Computer Using USB Cable

Step 13: Select the Right Board and Port

Step 14: Upload the Code Into the Arduino After Verifying

Step 15: Motor Rotation

After uploading the code your motor is start rotating from 120 degree to 180 degree and from 180 to 120 degree with the gap of 1 degree.

Step 16: Now Make the Flapping Mechanism

First unplug the Arduino from the computer

Step 17: Make a Gap Between Paper Bat and Servo Horns

Now stick some pieces of paper or cotton in the middle of the paper bat behind it. So that when we attach the servo behind the paper bat, there should be some gap between the paper bat and the horns of the servo. So, when the servo will rotate, it also did not rotate the face of the bat.

Step 18: Add Thread Into the Wings of the Paper Bat

Now for flapping the wings with the help of servo motor needle the black thread to the both wings of the paper bat. (For more clarification you can refer to the above images.)

Step 19: Add Eyes for a More Realistic Feel. (Optional)

For more real feel of the bat you can add the eyes on the bat by drawing the eyes on the paper and paste it using tape or glue on the bat face.

Step 20: Stick the Servo Motor to the Paper Bat

Now stick the servo motor on the paper using tape by rotating it to 180 degrees. you can rotate it using your hands for sticking behind the paper bat. For more clarification see the above images.

Step 21: Tie the Thread of the Wings to the Horns of the Servo

Tie the thread of both wings with the Servo Motor horns without any looseness at the degree of 180.

See the above images to know which wing's thread should tie from which horn of the servo.

Step 22: Flap It. Enjoy It.

Now Plug the Arduino Uno and flap your bat.

Thank You. If you have any question regarding any thing don’t hesitate to ask. And don’t forget to share your work also.

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