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Here's how to turn an ordinary fluorescent lighting fitting into an eye-catching feature using affordable materials.


2 of 15mm x 1,5m [class 1] copper pipe

4 of copper elbows

Your choice of beads or embellishments (buy at bead or craft / hobby shops)

Nylon fishing line

Thin wire

Copper weld epoxy


Pipe cutter

Side cutters


Tape measure and pencil

Disposable gloves

Spirit level


1. From the copper pipe, measure and cut two [2] lengths of 1250mm and two [2] lengths of 170mm using the pipe cutter. You can adjust this size accordingly depending on the size of your fluorescent light fitting.

2. Follow the instructions on the tubes to mix and apply the copper weld epoxy. Only mix enough to work one section at a time, as the product hardens quickly.

3. Use the applicator to smear a small amount of epoxy on the end of the pipe and attach an elbow. Repeat for all of the lengths of pipe to make up a rectangle. Be sure to wipe off any excess glue immediately with a damp cloth. Put aside until the epoxy has set hard.

4. For the decoration, cut 50cm lengths of nylon fishing line and thread your beads to about 25 to 30cm height. Remove the cover from your fluorescent fitting and secure the frame to the fitting with nylon wire and then add your hanging beads. To add extra sparkle, add a clear crystal bead at the end of each length. You will need approximately 45 strings in total.

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