Introduction: FLY SKATEBOARD

Skateboard Name: Wonders

Project introduction: This skateboard inspired me to watch a skateboard competition, athletes in the air riding skateboard attitude is very beautiful cool. So I wanted to make some changes to the average skateboard on this basis to make it more unique and even maintain a longer flight posture in the air.

Results presentation:

Step 1: 1. Plate

Select the cuboid and adjust it to 140 * 40 * 1. Select the

circular roof and rotate it to the figure.

Set it to 20 * 40 * 1 and rotate it 17 °. The copy is then rotated 180 ° to align the three components. Group to choose your favorite color

Step 2: 2. Make Wheels

Place the cylinder on the working plane, rotate 180 ° and set

its diameter to 5 and length to 35 as shown in the figure. Select the cuboid and set its height to 15 long to 5. Use alignment to assemble it as shown in the figure. It is then grouped and pasted. Select the bending tube in the shape to set its outer tube width to 5 and the bending angle to 67. Copy, use a mirror for the copied bend. The cuboid cylinder and bending tubes are then assembled to form a bracket.

Now we're going to make wheels, select a cylinder, set its diameter to 10 degrees.For 5, rotate 90 °. Four tyres are then copied and assembled with the bracket.

Select the parabolic surface and set its height to 2 diameter to 4. Rotate and align with the center of the four tires. Then lift our plates off the workplane. And assemble it with a bracket.

Step 3: 3. Decoration of the Body

The working plane can be built on the board. Select text, type

your favorite text and set its height to 0.1. All components are then grouped.

Step 4: 4. Make Wings for Your Skateboard!

Select a curved shape. Set it as shown in the figure. Combine it

with a cylinder with a height of 5 diameters of 1. Click on the combination to select the left and right mirror. Then Splice with the plate.

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