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This is a fun game which can be enjoyed by all ages. Great for perfecting your Flying Disc (Frisbee) aim and skill. It provides a target and a scoring system to make it a competitive game for individuals or team play. Make up your own rules, select your own throwing distance. I like to play to 500, giving everyone 10 throws. If playing with young children, let them throw from a closer marker. Keep it simple and enjoyable.


I used two 2x2's cut to 40 inches for the uprights, two 2x2's cut to 25 inches for the feet and 5 pieces of 1x4, each cut to 14 inches. This allows an 11 inch wide window for the disc which keeps it challenging. You could build wider and taller but I would say my design is the minimum you want to go. I used 3" construction screws, nails, a hammer and electric drill, also a square to keep it all lined up. Sandpaper, Some paint, (I used blue chalk paint) and some stick on numbers and letters will finish the job.

NOTE: I am a scrounger and had all this on hand. It will work just as well unpainted and if you use a marker for the numbers.

Step 1: Build the Frame

Start by building the ladder frame. I left 2 narrow (high score) slots, top and bottom, a mid size slot (middle score) and a large slot (negative score) Line it all up with the square and make sure all slots are even. Construction glue and nails held it all together. Stand it up and use the 3" construction screws to attach the legs to the bottom. Make sure they are even. Stand it up and throw discs at it to determine your scoring system.

Step 2:

Sand it, paint it, add the stick on letters. I made the top and bottom slots 100's , the mid size slot 50 and the large slot -10 just to keep it interesting, but you can choose your own system.

Enjoy the game!

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