Introduction: FM Transmitter Kit RF 02 - Spybug FM Transmitter

Today I share with you a very cheap FM Transmitter circuit. Price only US $ 2.15 on Banggood. If you are new to electronics, welding this kit is also very interesting. I wish you success and have a happy weekend.

Step 1: Parts and Identify Resistors

1. EQKIT® FM Transmitter Kit RF-02

2. Digoo DG FR600 FM Radio

You can use hand phone has FM

3. And some components such as soldering station, soldering tin, ...

I have clearly symbolized the index of each resistor on the picture. Hope you will easily do this work.

Step 2: Let Get Started

The manufacturer has a very clear sign on the product. You just need to attach the input and soldering components.

After welding the components. We will proceed to FM detection.

You can change the value of the variable resistor to change the frequency.

Good luck. You can see the clip to support me. Thanks for reading my friends.