Introduction: FMF Dirt Bike Polishing!!!

If you have a old worn out FMF pipe that has rust, grease, or just plain dirt on it, then this tutorial is for you. Today I will show you how to clean/ polish you FMF Pipe to make it look shiny and new again!

Step 1: What You Need!

-Exhaust pipe
-Paper towel

;This will work basically on any exhaust pipe for dirt bikes or other bikes. But in this tutorial, I will be using my FMF Exhaust off of my 2001 Honda CR125R, which is a two stroke bike.

Step 2: Before: the Dirty Rusted Pipe

Step 3: Start Polishing That Rusted Up Pipe!!

Wipe down your pipe to get the dirt off before you start to polish it.

First you get you tin foil and fold it up small, add very little water and start scrubbing. Keep scrubbing till you notice the pipe starting to shine. After about 20-40 tough strokes, wipe the left over foil dirt/dust stuff off of the pipe to reveal the new shine!!

Step 4: End Results With Beautiful Shiny Pipe!¡!

Continue the scrubbing process with the whole pipe or just the rusted dull areas until shiny again.

This is the end product results:::

Step 5: Before and After!

This is a pic of before and after of the polishing process.

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