Introduction: FN P90

GLORIOUS !!! Finally the P90 you have been waiting for, many people have said that this may be a great P90, so l guess l'll find out how you guys like it. Wierd triggers are my trade mark so as the M16 this gun has one as well. It can shoot 20-25ft (that's the MAXlMUM range!!!) the mag is pretty awsome yet not, you have to shake the gun to get 5-6 shots then shake it again to empty the mag, the magazine has a 9 round capacity, but avoiding the shaking it works exellent. l also have a few accessories to put on it.

Step 1: The Body

We will now make the majority of the gun

1. Build two of these
2. Build two of these as well
3. You should have these now but with the spacers you put in earlier
4. Add the purple pieces
5. Add blue rods where shown on one side
6. Put on blue rods to one side
7. Add red rods to both sides of the body
8. Build these
9. Attach them
10.Get these
11.Add them on and it should look like this
12.Build these
14.Build these
15-17. Attach
18. Put these on
19. Add a red rod to it and through the orange connecter

Step 2: Firing Mechanism

Here is what will make the gun fire

1. Build this
2. And that
3. A finished product (sort of)
4. Another view
5. Cocking mechanism
6. The rest of the ram
7. Build this with a yellow rod and don't put the black things on either
8. Here it is on
9. And there the barrel is in the gun
10. Add this
11. The trigger (build this)
12. Add these
13. Insert trigger
14. This is what it should look like
15. and here is another veiw

Step 3: Fore Grip

This will be the fore grip
1. gather these pieces(3 blue rods will also be needed)and build these sub-assemblies
2. build this
3. add this on to the previous
4. add this on to the previous
5. and so on...
8. attach it to the gun
9. add the grey connectors

Step 4: Assembly Time

This step tells us how to assemble the P90

1. here is what it should look like when the firing mechanism is in place
2. you should have this
3. attach one of the body panels
4. attach the other body panel
5. the gun is almost finished
6. this is optional, but if you want a little sight that is mainly for looks then put that white rod in place as shown...
7. then build this...
8. and stick it on like so

Step 5: Magizine

this is what will hold the bullets

1. Follow the pictures
2. and so on...
3. Sorry that this last step is a little sketchy
4. and so on ...
5. now you will simply need to set those grey connectors on the mag as shown (they will later be taped on)
6. add that little structure on to the top of the grey pieces and tape it on (do the same with the other side)

To load the mag just put the bullets in (blue rods) until the magazine is full. Shake the gun once the magazine is in place (the ball bearing should be between the white and the yellow connector) with the barel facing down then cock it and shoot.