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What is Fold-N-Fight?

Origami meets combat robotics. A.I. Labs has created a new genre of
robot for children and adults alike. Fold N' Fight Combat Robots combine the unique art of paper folding and the popular culture of robot battles.

Step 1: Select the Template and Get to Work

A.I. Labs has created a simple and easy to follow template to help Makers create and design there own battlebot from. Players/Students are only given on sheet of 12x12 card stock to use and whatever scrapes might be left over to create their own design

Step 2: Fold and Decorate

Before the battle begins its strongly encouraged that Makers give their bot some personality. With markers, scrapes of paper, and some tape. They can create other parts or improve on the current template design by making weapons.

Step 3: Battle Ready

At this point all the parts come to gather to make the Fold-N-Fight Battle bot, To make the game play fair I've developed a 4x4 tank style chassis in which it all connects too

Step 4: About the Bot

Fold-N-Fight was develop for a school I work with and on a limited budget so I needed to come up with a safe combat robotic system. While digging around I found a functional base that would work well for the class that I was going to be teaching. This is the current chassis still used in Fold-N-Fight today, but it needed heavy modifications and reinforcing.

Step 5: Mods Needed

Because these bots are designed to hit and ram into each other I needed to improve on ESC on them, So I went to the internet and found this board. Later on these boards were replaced with custom ones I've designed to give be 3 channels. Ch-1 forward and reverse Ch-2 Left and Right Ch-3 is for a weapon system

Step 6: Reinforcing the Bot and Weapon System

On the top a for bot a plate of high impact plastic was added to ensure all the important parts are protected from hits, as well as a 3 volt weapon was added recently to make the game play more exciting. I've came up with a hammer/flipper and plan to add more on later on

Step 7: Wrap Up

Fold N' Fight has gained the attention of Maker Faires, both in connection with Make , and private maker spaces, as well as school STEAM classes. A.I. Labs has been recruited along the East Coast to perform and teach STEAM classes using the combat robots.

We've hosted Fold-N-Fights at all these great locations

Long Island School of the Gifted

PS 40 Manhattan NY School Maker Faire March 2019

Westport CT, Mini Maker Faire April 2019

Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY Mini Maker Fair June 2019

Garden City, Long Island, NY CradleCon June 2019

Champlian, VT Mini Maker Faire September 2019

Biddiforde, ME Mini Maker Faire October 2019

Rochester, NY Mini Maker Faire November 2019

We are looking on expanding this for 2020

Here are only some of the pictures of makers enjoying build, creating and fighting as well

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