Introduction: FREE Mini Icecream in a Restaurant

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Make real ice cream in any diner style restaurant!

This instructable is good for three situations:
1. Very late nights at Denny's, IHOP, or anyplace with half-n-half in little UHT plastic cups.
2. Entertaining kids 'bout 'old tymee heirloom' technology using salt
3. or When you really, really, want to do an instructable during your lunch break, but forget the CAD/CAM laser cutter back at the shop.

Of course, since you are buying a meal in the restaurant for this instructable, it's not really free. But the complimentary ingredients are sitting in front of you, waiting to be transformed... into...
Thanks for the great comments!

Some linked comments say free mini ice cream is messy... or loud... or makes extra work for restaurant employees. Not true! A 14 ml mini cup is only one tablespoon. A half glass of melted ice water is the same as any other.

For every free mini ice cream you make, you will make a new friend.

Step 1: Go Out to Eat at Any Restaurant With the Word "waffle".

Go out to eat at any restaurant with the word "waffle" or "pancake" in their name, and/or serving bacon strips in the morning. Many diners, sit-down places at truck stops, and some fast food places. Home will work, too, if you have some of the mini half-n-half cups.

Step 2: Order Water. You Need Two Big Glasses on the Table. Drink All the Water.

The server will bring water to you right away and usually you won't have to order it. Tell them you are thirsty and would like a big glass. Two big glasses at the table are necessary.

You need ice water, not just water. Crushed ice is better. But cubes work too.

You need two glasses of ice water for this. Don't order extra ice in your glass, the normal half ice and half water is best.

Drink all the water. It's good for you!

After drinking the water. you now have 2 big glasses each half filled with ice.

Empty ice from one glass to another.

Step 3: Add the Salt in Layers With the Ice.

''Start''layering ice and salt in the first empty glass. Fill only one layer first, about one inch.

You don't need much salt. For a large ice water glass a total amount of about a third of a salt shaker will do for the entire glass. So for the first layer about a tablespoon or two.

In this step the wait staff may ask why you have ruined your drinking water and would you like another new glass of water?

Step 4: Add Creamer Cups

In total you can throw in one, two, or three, little UHT creamer cups. DO NOT OPEN THE CUPS. Salt will get in there if you do and you will have salty ice cream.

Continue layering ice and salt. You will need three of four layers of ice and salt.

Step 5: Gently Shake.

The vigorous shake method is shown with bowl on top to keep ice from flying out. Gently shaking without bowl on top works fine, too. Thick napkins are nice to wrap around the glass as frost will be forming soon

You don't have to shake it, but it helps. The salt and ice need mixing. So does the creamer cup.

Feel the frost forming on the outside of the glass? If not, add more salt.

Step 6: After 10 Minutes, Remove Creamer Cups and Wipe Off Salt Water.

Use a napkin to wipe off the salt water and ice chunks.

Step 7: Open Cups and Add Sugar or Just Jam. Mix. We Made Strawberry Ice Cream.

Open cups and add sugar or just jam. Mix. We made strawberry ice cream.

The steps are really easy, but the excitement of wondering if the cream froze is sublime. But it's gonna freeze.

Step 8: High Fives Around the Table. This Is Like a Magic Trick and People Will Really Like It.

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I know its not really free.
Phase transformation.