FROST AND FOG MITTEN (created From an Old Sleeve!)



Introduction: FROST AND FOG MITTEN (created From an Old Sleeve!)

This mitten protects your hand from the harsh winter elements as you scrape that morning frost off your car windows!  Its even got a terry cloth pad to absorb moisture and fog on your rear view mirrors and windows! It is created from the sleeve of an old sweater and is lined with some fleece I had laying around. These steps can easily be adapted to fit whatever materials and tools you have on hand and some steps can even be skipped.  Like lining the mitten or adding elastic!  Hope you enjoy, your hands will thank you later!


You will see the materials you need in the photo above.  Feel free to substitute whatever materials you have on hand!

Step 2: TOOLS

 Here are the tools that you will need!


 Measure about 12 inches from end of sleeve and cut.

Step 4: LINING

Cut sleeve along seam and place on top of fleece (right sides together)  Stretch cuff out and pin in place.  Trim fleece to same size as sweater.

Stitch along bottom, as close to the edge as possible.  Flip fabrics over so right sides are facing out.

Measure about 2-2.5 inches from bottom of cuff and draw a line using chalk.  Measure the width of your elastic and using that measurement plus about 1/4", drawer another line that distance from the first line.  (my elastic was .5" so I drew my lines about .75" to leave room to thread though)  This will create a channel to thread the elastic through later.

Now, fold in half, lining up the longer ends to each other (make sure the fleece is on the outside when you fold) and stitch along the edge, but try to keep the "channel" for the elastic open.


After sewing, turn mitten inside out.  You should have something similar to this picture.

Using a round object, such as a roll of tape, trace an arc at top of mitten. (this is still a raw edge)

Cut around the arc, leaving about 1/4" seam allowance.

At this point, you can also thread the elastic through.  See next image for explanation.

Step 6:

 To thread elastic, attach a safety pin to edge of elastic and thread through the channel.  

When the elastic is through, bunch fabric together and pull elastic taught.  While holding the elastic taught, stitch elastic ends together where they meet closest to the mitten.

Tuck elastic into mitten and stitch the opening closed.

Step 7:

 Insert ice scraper into the top of the mitten and mark where the sides of the scraper meet the fabric.  

Turn mitten inside out and stitch both sides, following the curve, but leaving the opening for the scraper.

At the openings, fold fabric over appx. 1/4" and stitch to create a finished edge.

Step 8:

 This step is optional, but I had this wash cloth laying around and thought it could be useful when trying to clear that moisture or fog from your car instead of getting your gloves wet!

I cut a circle, but any shape would do ( a heart would be cute!) and using yarn and a yarn needle, I stitched a blanket stitch around the shape!

Hope you enjoy!

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